Having a Polish Moment

Maybe it's because my best friend is Polish, I already have a special spot in my heart for Poland--but now that I stumbled across the design firm, LOFT-MA, that spot grew even larger! What this Polish design firm is doing is remarkable. Clean, classic interiors with just the right amount of playful--plus 100% livable! Infused with warm woods, a tonal palette, beautiful built-ins and gorgeous lighting, each project I want to call home.

The best part-- these designers aren't afraid to mix highs and lows--I spied some Arne Jacobsen mixed in with IKEA. Now that's refreshing! That takes some serious skill to mix high/low while still staying true to a seamless look. I applaud LOFT-MA on their timeless residential & commercial work; this firm will forever be bookmarked on my browser! 


Perfect mix of neutrals, nautical and playful illustration.

This built-in desk niche is everything.