Power Woman Accessories

Every woman needs something in their wardrobe that makes her feel powerful & confident. Irene Wood's History & Industry pieces are my go-to. I finally invested in her one-of-a-kind beauties and it was a game changer--I wear it every other day. Easy to pair with just a white T or a simple shift dress--it's truly an effortless investment. Now, I just need to start saving so I can grow my collection. See my favorite pieces below.


Full Circle // Turnstyle Idenity

One of my all-time favorite design firms happened to work down the street from my house in the Ballard--Turnstyle Design. It also just so happened that they were situated on the top floor of my favorite historic preservation projects in Seattle, the Kolstrand building. It also just so happens that Turnstyle's stationary was done by one of my favorite letterpress print shops--also in Ballard--Evolution Press.

This is when my world comes full circle...Graphics x Architecture x Letterpress all together in my favorite Ballard neighborhood. Talk about local design talent.
That pencil seals the deal.

That pencil seals the deal.



Girl Crush // Studio Geremia

I am all about injecting a healthy dose of quirk into whatever I am designing & Geremia Design does just that into her tailored & clean interiors. Known for her popular projects such as the Dropbox Office, she also happens to be named "30 under 30" by Forbes Magazine. This is a wonderful goal I'd love to strive for myself and it is incredibly inspiring to see such a young spirited designer on the list. Not too mention she owns her own firm! From the looks of her most recent projects it seems like Geremia isn't letting the success go to her head--her designs still have a her signature playfulness shining through. 


Moody Sundays

Sunday's are ideal for daydreaming. With that, one of my favorite daydreaming activity is the moodboard. The one below is an ode to D&F signature color palette. I also keep coming back to the soft blush undertones paired with crisp, inkjet black. 

Workstead - 333

Nothing makes me happier than when things come full circle. This project is an example of that. Went to NYC in September. Went to the Wythe Hotel (no.1 on my NY bucket list). Ooohed and awwwed over detail. 3 months later, I received the Remodelista book for Christmas. One of the residential projects I fell in love with was by NYC design firm, Workstead. Quickly checked them out online. Found out they did the Wythe hotel. BAM! Full-circle.

Here is another project off their portfolio that I was immediately drawn to, 333 Brooklyn. A fine example of Workstead's ability to create thoughtful details in joinery & millwork as well as the refined art of styling. 

On the Boards

New Years, New ideas, New projects. Cheers to whatever is on the boards for you in 2014! Here are some of my favorite tactile mood boards to get the creative juices flowing after a bit of the post-holiday blues.

Having a Polish Moment

Maybe it's because my best friend is Polish, I already have a special spot in my heart for Poland--but now that I stumbled across the design firm, LOFT-MA, that spot grew even larger! What this Polish design firm is doing is remarkable. Clean, classic interiors with just the right amount of playful--plus 100% livable! Infused with warm woods, a tonal palette, beautiful built-ins and gorgeous lighting, each project I want to call home.

The best part-- these designers aren't afraid to mix highs and lows--I spied some Arne Jacobsen mixed in with IKEA. Now that's refreshing! That takes some serious skill to mix high/low while still staying true to a seamless look. I applaud LOFT-MA on their timeless residential & commercial work; this firm will forever be bookmarked on my browser! 


Perfect mix of neutrals, nautical and playful illustration.

This built-in desk niche is everything.

Clean Slate

I love a fresh start. It can happen anytime of the year in my book--who needs New Year's as an excuse to make big changes! 

So here we are. On my brand shiny-new blog! After years of being MIA in the blogmosophere, I am fully ready to re-enter with fresh inspiration & content! I have been busy the last few years dreaming up spaces, diving into the art of Letterpress printing & becoming friends with Adobe Illustrator.

Moodboarding: clean lines, a dash of Kraft paper, Pantone  & Futura. Naturally.

I'm currently working on a rebrand & website for myself--it's going to take some time...so bear with me! While I was looking around on the net I stumbled on a project that has very, very similar aesthetics to mine. We might even share the same Pantone color--imagine that!

Ro&Co in NYC does an absolutely amazing amount of creative work, from rebrands, to print to look-book videos! This particular product is the result of their branding for Loeffler Randall. I mean I love their shoes, so it seems natural I'd love their print & digital presence! 


Light pink, gold & dots. Done. 

Light pink, gold & dots. Done. 

Clean grids & overlays get me every time!

Loved the mix of handwritten with print! 

Loved the mix of handwritten with print! 

"Things Organized Neatly" will forever pull on my heartstrings.

"Things Organized Neatly" will forever pull on my heartstrings.